Theodore Nott and Pansy Parkinson | Flashback: ‘Moxie and Herman’ 

Theodore was sitting cuddled up on his bed in between his sheets already ready for bed as he played with Moxie, his hedgehog. It had become somewhat of a habit. To play with his pet after lunch, and before he went to sleep and if time allowed him in the morning. Usually he would’ve put her away into the small pen he had conjured up for her, but today he was playing with her a bit extra because it was a friday and he had no classes tomorrow. His dorm was empty, for no one but himself was there, so he didn’t even care how silly he looked as he played with his little hedgehog. He was in a state of reverie when the door to his dorm suddenly swung open. Theo flinched slightly but then relaxed when he saw it was just Pansy. “Merlin Parkinson” he started as he put a hand to his heart mockingly, “warn a guy before you try to give him a heartattack next time.” 

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    Pansy looked up at Theo, bleary eyed. She was glad the medi-witch had said she was okay, but she was too tired to do...
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    Nodding slightly at Pansy’s strained words, Theo moved forward and entered the infirmary. Crossing across the room then,...
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