Theodore Nott and Anthony Goldstein | The Three Broomsticks 

Earlier in the week Theodore had become aware that an old acquaintance of sorts was now working at the three broom sticks. He had wanted to go stop by since but he found that classes had kept him far too preoccupied. Now however, it was Wednesday, his classes for the day had been completed and Theodore found that he didn’t have any homework that needed his immediate attention. These circumstances lead Theo to automatically move to walk down towards Hogsmeade, completely intent on catching up with Anthony. 

Theodore reached Hogsmeade quickly, finding that his legs carried him quickly for he knew his destination. When he arrived at the village Theo walked towards The Three Broomsticks and then eventually entered it. Upon doing so, Theo’s eyes scanned the room to see for Anthony and he found him, behind the bar. Walking over to him quickly Theo flashed the boy a smile before he sat down on one of the stools. “Goldstein” he said with a soft, friendly smile. 

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    Theodore smiled at Anthony’s words then shook his head at the mention of the slug club. “I won’t get caught” he said...
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    Anthony smiled, “Pleasure was all mine. Make sure you get back safe. Don’t get caught, but if you do, tell Slughorn you...
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